We take care of the groundwork and desk research so that you can focus your energy and skills on thought leadership. The biggest limitation for many individual business coaches and consultants, as well as new consulting firms, is that they don’t always have a dedicated team to scale up and tap into potential business opportunities. IBC solves this problem by providing the surge capacity to optimize project deliveries. We have a wide spectrum of capabilities, including:

Remote Business Analyst
Market Research
Financial Analysis
Excel Modeling
Statistical Analysis
Presentations & Proposals
Data Collection & Assimilation
Primary Research & Surveys
Presentations & Proposals
HR Consultants
Workshop Design
JDs and Org. Structure
Salary Benchmarking

A startup needs bandwidth to experiment in the marketplace, where time is of the essence. IBC is uniquely able to provide the responsive administrative support and other essential services an emerging company needs to achieve profitable growth. From market research to report writing, investor presentations, and lead generation, IBC Consultants has the diverse skill sets and global experience to help you launch your business and turn dreams into reality.

Remote Administrator
Virtual Assistant
Lead Generation
Business Plans
Social Media Management
Market Research & Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Investor Presentations

Business Managers are often deluged with demands for business data, analytics and presentations, which can be hard to deal with in the limited amount of time available to them. IBC offers a diverse range of services to make your work easier and enhance your productivity, which allows you to focus on those responsibilities that truly warrant your personal attention and intellect.

Excel Modeling
Data Assimilation
Lead Generation
Workshop Design
Market Studies

West Bengal Entrepreneur Development Consultants offers a range of engagement models that make it easy for our clients to customize their solutions for optimum value and productivity. Our highly flexible and scalable options allow you to design a plan that lets you achieve your goals with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency. Select the model that’s right for you:

When you choose West Bengal Entrepreneur Development, you not only receive highly skilled support tailored to your needs but the added benefits that come with using an established, sophisticated and trusted provider:

Confidentiality – All client-related information is treated with the utmost discretion.
Colocation – Our core team works out of the same office, which facilitates more effective collaboration.
Designated leader – No matter how many people are working on your project, there is a single point person to handle all communications and directives.
Seamless interaction – IBC makes full use of collaborative applications and tools (e.g., Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Slack etc.) to streamline the work process.