Our Features

Our Online Examination Platform will provide you 3 different styles of Exams,


  1. Practice Exams
  2. Mock Exams
  3. Live Exams

This 3 Styles of examinations will helps the students to get more and more practice for their Final exams before taking it.

Our WBEDU Exams supports Multiple Types Questions like: Multiple Choice Question, Match the following questions and Ture or False type of questions. You can provide Image attachments (for Graphs,) for questions so that students will get more info about to the question.

Our Online Exam Portal is 100% User Friendly Design in Admin Panel, Student Login and as well as Front-End. exam writing screens were very High in Look & feel and also very easy to understand for the students with low Web knowledge.

Our Online examination platform is Fully Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design, so that you need not to spend extra money for Mobile APP.
In each and every screen of our platform has the fully responsive design.

Students can write exams in either Desktop, Tab or in Mobile Phones.