In today’s dynamic business environment, getting the most from limited resources has become increasingly important – not only for companies, but also for Consultants who help these companies. Management Consultants have an increasing need to focus their time and attention on high-impact activities.

We take care of the groundwork and desk research so that you can focus your energy and skills on thought leadership. The biggest limitation for many individual business coaches and consultants, as well as new consulting firms, is that they don’t always have a dedicated team to scale up and tap into potential business opportunities. West Bengal Entrepreneur Development Uddyog solves this problem by providing the surge capacity to optimize project deliveries.

West Bengal Entrepreneur Development Uddyog fills the gap between a full-time researcher and a freelancer, bringing out the best of both worlds. We offer the dedicated, professional and scalable research support that you expect from a full-timer, but at the cost and with the flexibility of a freelancer. Whether it’s a small quick-turnaround research task, or an extensive research project spread over months, West Bengal Entrepreneur Development Uddyog’s unique work model is the ideal solution.

West Bengal Entrepreneur Development Uddyog takes pride in its extended team of highly accomplished and enthusiastic associates, who have degrees in business, finance, strategy, marketing, statistics, journalism, mathematics, computer science, etc. Thanks to this deep bench of talent, we are able to help on research projects from a wide range of subjects.